Our team

Bikes tend to occupy quite a lot of our time. When we aren't selling or fixing them, we tend to be out riding them.

Our team - Steve Faulkner, Paul Bullen, Iain Lampey.
We are not a faceless high-street shop nor are we simply here to sell cheap bikes for the sake of it. We don't skimp on quality and we are genuinely passionate about delivering the kind of service and advice we would want to receive. If you come and talk to us in the shop you'll get to understand why so many of our customers keep coming back and recommend us.

Our collective knowledge and experience has served local cyclists for the best part of thirty years and we have great pleasure in supplying the latest bikes, kit and after-sales service. Packets of biscuits and doughnuts often help our concentration too.

Paul has worked with bikes since leaving school in 1984. He one of the most experienced and respected mechanics in the region.cHe is one of the few people who can hand build a wheel-set from scratch (a real dying art) as well as tell a cotter-pin from a star-fangled nut.

Paul advising one of the regulars.

As good as he is, Paul needs the skills and insight of mechanics Steve and Iain, who between them manage to keep our customers on the road, as well as advise new cyclists or people new to the area on "all things cycling".

Steve has worked in the bike trade for 14 years and is our lead mechanic focusing particularly on the latest mountain bikes, suspension and fork systems and hydraulic brakes.

Steve servicing a Specialized S-Works mountain bike.